29/01/2016 / by Vibeke Glarbo

Since time immemorial, the boat has spoken of travel – the inner and the outer journey. In this world of ties and things, it can remind you that you are a human being just passing through – a traveler – who has allowed yourself to be tied down to one gender, one body, to a fight for existence. It is a possibility for recognizing everything as process.
When I started working with the boat shape, I wanted to seek out an archetypical, clean form, which could become a vessel for various physicalities and meanings. It has a size that can encompass my person, it has a half-moon shape that connects it to womanhood, and it is dressed in tar and slag, connecting it to nature and mortality and the process connecting life and death. The black, hanging object is an enormous capsule of unknown and secret origin. Everything starts in the black room. The capsule holds the hope of a new beginning.

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