03/07/1990 / by Vibeke Glarbo

“Penetrating the basic conditions of human existence…”

As part of nature, we are part of incessant change, of the process connecting life and death. I work incessantly at penetrating, exploring, and understanding. As humans, we have this double condition of being both nature/subject, but also, because of our consciousness, being able to step outside and be objective. In order to avoid thinking myself to death, drown, I work with pictures. Pictures are older than thought or word and can establish a connection to the original. The hand as a bodily extension comes closer to the truth. The thought comes afterwards as post-rationalization. It picks up, organizes, and analyzes, creates structure and intellectual overview.
If I’m not working, it is as though I am a spectator standing next to myself. In and of itself, leading is open at vulnerable, but also a source of strength. It is presence and life.
At times, things are simple and transparent, living life is easy, moments later complex and incomprehensible. With this eternal work, insight and understanding increases, but the mystery is just as large.
In myself, there is extreme guardedness and extreme vehemence. It is a wound, and in order to contain it all, being able to see the same guardedness and vehemence reflected in the world around me as a general condition of life, I must work. My things reflect this Sisyphean task of containing existence.

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